5G Edge APIs

Want 5G Edge APIs for your Network and Applications today?

As a Bell Labs Fellow developing mobile software for Verizon, AT&T and others, our founder & CEO, Ganesh Sundaram, observed …



1. The entire Internet was becoming highly decentralized, user focused and increasingly mobile.

2. Which requires developers and IT to rethink how they deliver services to employees.

3. He built AlefEdge to challenge the current Internet status quo and build a new Edge Internet, one that was open and easy for anyone to create amazing new apps with.


  • Most diverse and most Edge Deployments in the World
  • Founder and CEO was named the “Biggest Individual Contribution to Edge Computing Development Award” at the 2019 Edge Computing Congress
  • Awarded the 2020 Global Edge Optimizing Software Product Line Strategy Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan
  • Finalist in the 2020 Leading Lights “Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy”

Here’s What We’ve Heard in Harrisburg

Slow Application Development

My developers and other business units have started going around my IT team because I can’t deploy all of these SaaS and new 5G applications.”

Costly and Complex Network Upgrades

“My mobile network is difficult to modify and operate.  Deploying a private cellular or outsourcing it to a Mobile Service Provider is very expensive and my IT staff/developers don’t know how to program it.”

High Security Threats

“My employees are everywhere now and don’t use the security systems that we have in place…and I can’t even control their networks.  How can I secure and maintain compliance with our policies?!  A security or data breach is a timebomb waiting to go off!!!” 

“Band-Aids” Won’t Help!

You can explore different Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies, such as Cloud-based Compute & APIs, 5G & MEC, or VPNs and SD-WAN but those come up short…

Cloud-based Compute & APIs

  • Developers and IT programmers use them to address slow app development
  • High cloud computing costs
  • Slower network and app performance

5G & Multi-Access Edge Computing

  • Businesses looking to handle 5G Edge apps with private mobile systems
  • Expensive
  • Hard too program
  • Implementation takes months


  • Ineffective in the long wrong – often turned off
  • Slows down performance
  • Doesn’t fit mobile and remote users

The BIG Question?

So, how can you free yourself from expensive service providers to get the superpowers of 5G Edge? Perhaps you should consider a NEW API approach…



EdgeNet – Superpowers for the creation of 5G Edge

There are three main reasons to consider EdgeNet:

  1. Most Comprehensive Edge APIs
  2. Simplest and Easiest to Use Platform
  3. Best in Security & Control

Let’s consider each of these in detail:

1. Most Comprehensive Edge APIs

EdgeNet provides 5G Edge APIs for developers to program their apps and networks. Unlike others, EdgeNet is open and interoperable with any access network, any cloud and any application backend making development extremely easy. Features include:

5G Edge Connectivity and Mobility API

APIs across connectivity and mobility to enable developers to program to their network providing an easy experience for their users in Harrisburg

Abstract 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi API

Connectivity APIs abstract network complexity so developers can easily program apps without having to worry about the network

Wireless Core as a Service

Connect 4G and 5G Radio Access Networks to a multi-tenant neutral host mobile core. Reduce mobile networking costs leveraging the shared cloud economy

Automation APIs

Automation APIs to enable users to automatically integrate with their current network environment

Anytime, Anywhere Connectivity

Easily connect over any access network: Wifi, 4G or 5G


APIs enable movement of users, applications and compute without losing session or application experience


APIs enable users to roam onto the macro network or other private networks from their private network ensuring performance and security no matter what network the user is using

Edge Peering

APIs enable direct connectivity to enterprise cloud applications at the Edge enhancing the performance and security of cloud applications while reducing costs in Harrisburg

5G Edge Application Enablement API

APIs and SDKs for apps enabling developers to enhance existing applications and build new apps in Harrisburg

Video Notifications

Create new features for your applications (or build a new application!) with fully integrated video notifications

Video on Demand

Create VoD services enabling your videos to be processing and cached at the Edge increasing the performance and security

Computer Vision

Use upstream video to create actionable insights for your applications

Edge AI

Artificial intelligence functions at the Edge for fast processing and decision making for your applications

5G Edge Compute API

Leverage compute, storage and processing power at the Edge to host and run apps near the end user for latency sensitive apps

Dev Ops and Orchestration

Leverage our cloud native tools at the Edge to easily develop and orchestrate your application

3rd Party App Services

Deploy your application at the Edge for increased performance and security using our APIs

Implementation on any Cloud Native Framework

Easily deploy your application in Harrisburg at the Edge with cloud native frameworks that are easy to use

5G Edge Value-Added API

Create and enhance your apps and networks with a variety of value-added APIs

Edge Security

Multi-tenant security features at the Edge for your apps and network ensuring bulletproof security while reducing costs

Network Slicing

Create different slices of your network for your applications reducing complexity, management and security threats while increasing their performance

AppWAN Optimization

Policy and app management beyond SD-WAN to app levels providing users with easy compliance and security

Cloud Cross Connect

Secure direct connections to your private or public cloud at the Edge increasing performance

2. Simplest and Easiest to Use API Platform

EdgeNet simplifies the complexity of mobile networks, both 3GPP Cellular networks and Wifi networks, abstracting it from users and developers so that it just works! The platform spreads costs across multiple enterprises providing the economic advantages of the cloud. EdgeNet includes features:

Flexible Design

Expand and contract your network connectivity, compute and processing. Network APIs enable-shared and easy usage of the platform to suit your needs


Open APIs enable developers in Harrisburg to connect their network and program their applications easily

Low Code // No Code

Easy app development with low code/no code capabilities. Give every developer and IT programmer “superpowers” to build and deploy 5G Edge products in minutes

Subscriber Management

Easily manage devices and users with reports and a portal. Configure AppWAN and policies through easy-to-use clients and APIs

Operations APIs

Detailed dashboards for billing, compliance and usage

AppWAN Management APIs

Program your applications to work with your network giving you policy management and security control

3. Best in Security & Control APIs

EdgeNet security services including 3GPP Cellular Security and various elements of the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework. Most importantly:

Zero Trust Security APIs

Validation of all connections before establishing a secure connection between an endpoint and its destination

Multi-Tenant Security Gateways and Firewalls APIs

Defend your network in Harrisburg with configurable and programmable secure gateways and firewalls

Blacklist // Whitelist

Easily manage permissions to specific applications and sites so your team stays productive and secure

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